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This Tea is Great for your Heart

A study that included over 100,000 participants and was conducted over 7 years found that people who drank tea regularly (3 or more cups a week) compared to those who drank fewer or none at all were healthier and lived longer. Participants who were lifelong tea drinkers and kept it up showed a 56% lower risk of fatal heart disease and stroke. The health benefits were strongest for those who drank green tea. Researchers suspect that the polyphenols (active compounds in teas) help contribute to the positive health benefits of drinking tea. Polyphenols are a huge source of antioxidants. However, these polyphenols aren't in your system for very long. There's no quick fix here! To really get the full benefits, you need to drink tea regularly for an extended period of time. Tea is a great alternative to coffee. It has a good amount of caffeine to get you going and now it's linked to helping you maintain a health heart. Add a handful of walnuts full of Omega-3's and I'm sure your heart will thank you. Cheers to your health! Here's the article we found if you're interested in reading more:

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