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Beans, a Healthy Choice?

Turns out that beans are pretty good for your health too. It comes down to the fact that they're a great vegan source for protein and fiber. These two nutrients help with weight loss because they keep you more full for longer so you really don't feel the need to eat as much or as often. There's also soluble fiber to help lower cholesterol and promote heart health as well as potassium to lower blood pressure. They're a good source of iron too. Everything in moderation though. Eating too many beans can cause migraines because they're high in tyramine. They can also trigger gout attacks because of their purine content. Beans are a great food option in the kitchen. They can be the star in vegetarian chilis and hold together a vegan burrito. We love them as a hearty side dish or even as a salad topping. In any case, it's great to know they're helping me more than just adding flavor!

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