1. Base Flood Elevation:

If the building site is located in a flood zone, the elevation must be certified by a design professional.

2. Temporary Pole:

In addition to meeting the requirements set forth in article 590.4 of the 2005 NEC, all temporary pole inspections will require that each pole meet the individual requirements of the utility provider which are described in their information bulletins.

3. Pre-pour Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing:

Inspections are conducted before items are covered.

4. Pre-pour Footings and Foundation:

This inspection covers footing location, depth and width; fill, steel and wire mesh installation, vapor barrier, and preliminary grade inspection.

5. Framing/Sheathing:

The inspector will check to make sure the nailing patterns have been followed for both the walls and roof prior to installation of roofing felt or house wrap. You may finish the exterior walls after this inspection. If your plan indicates that interior braced wall(s) are necessary, you will need a sheetrock nailing pattern inspection. All interior framing will also be checked.

6. Rough-In Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Framing:

This inspection is to be performed after all rough-in work is complete on the plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems and after the framing is complete but before insulation.

7. Insulation:

The required R-Values are: Wall=R13; Ceiling=R-30; Residential HVAC Ducts=R-6; Floors=R-19 unless the crawl space is not vented to the outside and exposed earth is covered with a continuous vapor retarder which extends at least 6" up the stem wall.

8. Final:

Will be performed after all items pertaining to the building permit have been completed and the structure is ready for occupancy. This inspection will also include a Final Grade Inspection which means that fill and grading shall meet appropriate standards and that the final ditch grade, swales and any culvert(s) are in place.

9. Starting Construction & Inspections

1. Call your Inspector at start of dirt work 2. Make sure your permit placard is posted and the approved plans are on the job-site 3. Work should not be concealed before an inspection is done

10. Request an Inspection

Contact: (318) 283-3353
Hours: 8:00 a.m til 5:00 p.m (business days only)
Inspection requests will be taken throughout the day, but they will be distributed as work, only once a day. If you prefer an a.m. or p.m. inspection, please inform when making your request and it will be taken into consideration.

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